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PLEASE NOTE YAI is not compatible with OSX 10.6, Snow Leopard and I have no current plans to develop this software to run in OSX 10.6. I am no longer supporting this application and licences are no longer available.

YAI (You Are Invited) is a plug-in for Apple Mail in OSX 10.4 and OSX 10.5 that translates and transfers Outlook, Google Calendar, Zimbra and Exchange style meeting invitations to iCal. It corrects many incompatibilities between Microsoft Exchange style meeting invites and what iCal can understand.

Download YAI
Version 1.4.2
(23 March 2009)

190kb Universal

With YAI installed, Exchange style invites received in Mail's inbox are automatically processed as they arrive and are sent to iCal, ready to be acted on. Most invites will appear in iCal's notification pane, invites the user sends themselves will be added as an editable event. If there are invites from before YAI was installed, these are easily transferred to iCal by selecting them in Mail and pressing Cmd-Opt-L. They will be processed in exactly the same way as newly received ones.

The incompatibilities YAI fixes include problems with time zones, messages saying >'You are not invited' etc. and differences in the way event updates are handled.

System Requirements

To run YAI version 1.4 you will need an Apple Mac running Tiger or Leopard, Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book.

Registering YAI

This application is no longer supported. and I am no longer selling licences. If you would like a licence on this understanding please contact me.

Mac OSX Universal