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John Maisey 
0000168: Calendar picker doesn't show calendars + syncs only once after closing Dates2ical
After updating to Lion, the calendar picker doesn't show calendars and can't be closed.

Additionally Birthdays are synced only once after closing Dates2ical.

Dates2ical updated to 2.2.5 after updating to Lion.
Version 2.2.5
OS: Lion
Using MobileMe calendars.
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John Maisey   
2011-07-24 08:21   
Hi Matthias,

Thanks for this, sorry you are having this problem with the calendar picker. Which calendar servers are you linking to (MobileMe, Google etc.)?

Dates to iCal is used for settings only. It updates iCal on quitting and a background process should update iCal when you change Address Book. You don't need to keep the application open once you have made the settings.

John M
2011-07-24 08:27   
Hi John,

I'm using MobileMe.

I know that Dates to iCal is working in the background. And it worked fine with Snow Leopard (this is why I didn't remember to check for updates before updating to Lion, I just forgot that it was there). But trying by adding a birthday to a contact showed, that it doesn't work since Lion.

What can I do? Uninstall (which Library entries should I delete?) and reinstall?

John Maisey   
2011-07-24 08:37   
Hi Matthias,

Can you create a local calendar in iCal? Then open Dates to iCal, try to open the calendar picker and select that calendar.

John Maisey   
2011-07-24 08:38   
Also, have you followed the steps in this page?
http://www.nhoj.co.uk/blog/2011/07/datestoicalnowupdatedlion [^]

2011-07-24 08:46   
Created a local calendar. Calendar picker still doesn't show any calendars. If I double-click on where the new calendar should be in the calendar picker, it is selected. It's like blind flying.

Synced after closing, but not continuously.

I deleted the old calendar and created a new one after updating to 2.2.5
John Maisey   
2011-07-24 10:35   
Mattias, can you do the following:
1. Open Dates to iCal.
2. Uncheck the "Sync" checkbox.
3. Quit Dates to iCal and wait while all the calendar entries are removed.
4. Open Dates to iCal and re-check thr "Sync" checkbox.
5. Quit Dates to iCal and wait while all the calendar entries are re-added.

This will re-install all elements of Dates to iCal. After a few minutes try adding a test person in Address Book with a date.

Let me know how this goes.
John Maisey   
2011-07-24 20:27   
(edited on: 2011-07-25 14:14)
The calendar picker bug will be fixed in version 2.2.6 which I am releasing shortly.