Dates to iCal 2.3 update released

I have just uploaded Dates to iCal 2.3.0. This update has several feature improvements.

Firstly (following on from the French, German and Spanish localizations in version 2.2.4) Dates to iCal 2.3 is now localized into Italian. I'm very grateful to Roberto Miola for his translations which have enabled this.

The next feature is to be able to filter by custom date labels. In Address Book it is possible to give custom titles to non-Birthday dates. This new filter in Dates to iCal allows you to hide dates for custom date titles of your choice.

Dates in Address Book under Lion no longer (or again depending on how far back you are looking) need to have a year set. This update now works with these dates. For non year dayes in Address Book, Dates to iCal will not show the age or ordinal age of the anniversary.

There are several other small changes in Dates to iCal 2.3.0, including not adding the Apple iCal default alarm and some bug fixes.

I recommend that users of Dates to iCal update to this version.


i can't seem to open the application every time i try i get the following message. i have downloaded the most recent version and i use a macair with all software current

EDITED: moved crash report to tracker at and commented there.

I have a bug report tracker at please post bug reports there.

One Question:

Must the app run everytime?

Otherwise it do not work. It syncs only, when I start the application. I thought it will do it's work in the backround or I'm wrong?

No, the app should run in the background when you edit contacts.