Lion and Dates to iCal 2.2.4

Currently Dates to iCal 2 (as of version 2.2.4) is not compatible with OSX 10.7.

I am working on an update and expect to release it in the next few days.



Will iCal Reply Checker continue to work in iCal (Lion)? It STILL sends unwanted invitations in the background :(

Hi Daniel,
I have yet to have a chance to test as I've been working on getting the issue with Dates to iCal fixed. It should work fine, but you'd need to re-start it after upgrading as the file it uses in iCal will have been updated. If anyone is having issues with it please let me know.
Best wishes
John M

I downloaded Dates to iCal to add events such as anniversaries and other important event to my iCal, which worked great. However, now my iCal is now showing duplicate birthdays, which sorta is bugging me. Anyway to remove that?

Hi, There could be various reasons for that. Frirstly, have you turned off Apple's built in Birthdays calendar in iCal's Preferences > General tab? Other reasons why this could be happening include the data being synced from elsewhere or data duplication in Address Book. Message me if you are having this issue.
Thanks, John

It's very fast, and I've had it installed for a while, but haven't taken advantage of the app. One question, if it would show you the dups, I think it would be more user friendly. My test run just now said I had 7 dups, I'd like to delete them, but don't know what they are, and I won't delete until I do. Keep up the good work.

I too am having trouble with duplicate birthdays/anniversaries. I do not have apple's Birthday calendar turned on. Unfortunately, I hadn't read suggestions about putting the birthdays/anniversaries into a separate calendar before putting them directly into my main family calendar. I really don't want to recreate my family calendar (too much data!). Is there any way to remove the duplicates?

Hi Melissa,
Send me a message from and I will send you a script to clear the old Dates to iCal duplicates. I recommend you update to the latest version which should fix that issue.
John M