Dates to iCal now updated for Lion

I have just uploaded Dates to iCal 2.2.5. This update makes Dates to iCal OSX Lion compatible and I recommend all users update to this version before installing Lion.

For those who have Dates to iCal installed and have already updated to Lion, I suggest you do the following:

1. Replace your previous version of Dates to iCal with version 2.2.5.
2. Open iCal and delete the calendars associated with Dates to iCal.
3. Quit and re-open iCal.
4. Make new calendars to contain the Dates to iCal events.
5. Open Dates to iCal and re-select the calendars you just created in iCal.
6. Quit Dates to iCal.

Anecdotally I have been told that Dates to iCal runs much faster under Lion.



I upgraded to lion before updating dates to ical. When i found out dates to ical wasnt working with lion i deleted all dates to ical preferences, the calendars it was syncing with. I then recreated my calendars and opened dates to ical, when i try and select the calendar, there are none to select. I can not think of anything else to do.

Hi Jonathan,

I am getting reports of an issue with the Dates to iCal calendar picker for users who have MobileMe calendars under Lion. If you are having this issue please visit this page

John M

I have just released version 2.2.6 which should fix the broken calendar picker issue. If you are still having this issue after updating please contact me with the contact page on this site.
John Maisey

Thank you. It is now working. Great and quick update.