Looking for translators

For as long as I have been writing software for Apple Macs I have had occasional, but regular requests that I translate the applications I write. Much to my embarrassment, I have usually evaded such requests due to my worries over the time and complexity I expected to get into, not to mention I really only have a grasp on one language. With a (soon to be released) version of Dates to iCal I'd like to break with that and hope to be able to release it in as many languages as required - but I need your help.

I am currently working on the 'internationalization' process, but my comprehension of any language apart from English is, sadly, very lacking. Therefore I am looking for some help in localizing Dates to iCal. The localisation requires little or no technical skills.

So, if you would like Dates to iCal to be released in your language (unless your language is English - which I have pretty much covered), you also have a good grasp of English and you have an hour or so to spare I'd love to hear from you.



My thanks to those who helped translate version 2.2.4 of Dates to iCal into French, German and Spanish. If you could help localize into other languages I'd love to hear from you.